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Play General Knowledge Crossword Puzzles

General knowledge crosswords are one of the more popular variants of the standard crossword puzzle.

The puzzle plays and solves exactly the same way as a normal crossword, the only difference is that, as opposed to quick crosswords that tend to have shorter, definition based clues and answers, general knowledge puzzles - as the name implies - test your knowledge, and therefore the clues can be a little longer.

For instance, whereas a quick crossword might test your knowledge of synonyms, a general knowledge puzzle is more likely to test knowledge of subjects such as history, entertainment, art and literature, sport, science and more besides. Therefore you can expect clues based around the words of Shakespeare, particles in physics, the date of famous historical battles and much more besides in the general knowledge crosswords.

As a result not only are general knowledge crosswords very satisfying to solve, they are also a fantastic and fun way of learning new information, as from time to time unless you have superb general knowledge you'll need to look up or research an answer or two in order to complete some of the puzzles.

It's worth noting that all general knowledge crosswords here are compiled in the UK, so for our friends around the world you may find some references a little UK-centric, for instance names of TV personalities or sports star, although many people we mention will be known around the globe; equally geographical clues are not overly obscure in the majority of cases but generally refer to well-known cities and rivers and so on.

Themed puzzles, where they occur, will usually be general knowledge puzzles but based on a particular topic, whether that is quite broad such as 'sport' in general, or much more focused, for instance on cricket.

Play a Sample General Knowledge Crossword Puzzle

Puzzle Play Puzzle Date Published
General Knowledge Crossword
General Knowledge Crossword 550

15th Nov
General Knowledge Crossword
General Knowledge Crossword 549

11th Nov
General Knowledge Crossword
General Knowledge Crossword 548

7th Nov
General Knowledge Crossword
General Knowledge Crossword 547

3rd Nov
General Knowledge Crossword
General Knowledge Crossword 546

30th Oct