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Play ArrowWord Puzzles

Arrowword puzzles are a variant of the standard crossword puzzle. Like a crossword, there are a series of clues that you must answer, and you must answer them all to complete the puzzles. And the answers get placed into the grid, just like with a standard crossword.

The difference between a crossword and an arrowword is that, with an arrowword, the clues appear inside the grid rather than outside it. An arrow points in the direction of the answer, which is always placed either horizontally or vertically depending on how the arrow points. For obvious reasons therefore, this crossword variant is called arrow words.

Clues tend to be a little shorter than with standard crosswords so that they fit in the grid. Compared to standard British style quick crosswords, the grids are also more tightly crossed, with less unchecked squares (which refers to squares that are only in one run, and not in two). Therefore you will find that quite often all letters in an answer will appear in answers in the other direction, and so you can solve some clues without even looking at them.

The best way to solve an arrowword puzzle, because of the tightly interlocking grid, is to work through methodically from top to bottom, looking at each arrow in turn, and writing in any answers that are obvious - where there is a very specific clue with only one possible answer, for instance. Then go through again looking at crossing words now that you have some clue letters for them and therefore stimulating ideas and narrowing down the options, at the same time.

Arrow words are a popular and enduring crossword variant and we hope you'll enjoy playing them on our site.

Here's a video that walks through how to solve the sample Arrow Word puzzle:

Play a Sample Arrowword Puzzle

Puzzle Play Puzzle Date Published
Arrow Word
Arrow Word 550

18th Nov
Arrow Word
Arrow Word 549

14th Nov
Arrow Word
Arrow Word 548

10th Nov
Arrow Word
Arrow Word 547

6th Nov
Arrow Word
Arrow Word 546

2nd Nov