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To The Letter Word Game

To The Letter is a game that challenges your ability to pick out the word that comes first in a list of several words as quickly as you possibly can. If you want to get better at using a dictionary or simply being able to sort words at speed, then this is the game for you. To The Letter

The rules of the game are simple. You will be shown several different words, each word appearing in a different box.

Your task is simple: click on the word that comes first in the alphabet when the words are sorted in alphabetical order, as they would be in a dictionary. So if you have the words apple, abandon, food, awful, good, bear then you would click the word 'abandon', because that comes first of the six words in the dictionary.

If you get the right answer, you score a point, and the next puzzle is displayed. See how many puzzles you can solve in 60 seconds and how quickly. This is a great game for getting better at sorting a list of words at speed. You should soon notice your scores getting better with practice. If you make a mistake the game is over, so it pays to be accurate: you'll need a tradeoff between speed and accuracy. Of course, you can play as many times as you like, and two points are added to your wordy puzzle tally for every game you play. Good luck!

How high a score can you get? Target score: 25

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High Score Table

Here are the ten highest scores on this game: can you make it into the high score table, and even take the number one spot?

Member Image Score Ranking Date of score
luciej Profile Image 31 1 07 Jun 2015
GRaphy Profile Image 31 2 13 Jul 2020
GRaphy Profile Image 30 3 11 Jul 2020
GRaphy Profile Image 30 4 26 Jul 2020
dannyboy Profile Image 29 5 17 Jun 2015
GRaphy Profile Image 29 6 24 Oct 2020
jamesr Profile Image 28 7 11 Jun 2015
GRaphy Profile Image 28 8 24 Jul 2020
GRaphy Profile Image 28 9 28 Sep 2020
GRaphy Profile Image 28 10 22 Oct 2020