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SpellChecker Word Game

SpellChecker is a brilliant little game that is fun and improves your spelling at the same time. See if you can work out which word is correctly spelt on each occasion to build a high score. SpellChecker

The rules of SpellChecker are really simple. You will be given four words on each occasion. Now, the twist is that only one of those words has the correct spelling. All you need to do is click on the word that has the correct spelling: the other three are sure to be incorrect.

However, the game is only easy if you are a good speller, of course. Some puzzles are easier than others, with more clear misspellings or simply easier / harder words for you to have to distinguish between. Therefore you will need to concentrate throughout the 60 seconds of each game in order to build a high score - a single mistake will end the game and your chance to add to your points tally.

We've set a target score for this game of 20. Can you reach that score in the time allowed without making a mistake? It's time to find out just how good your spelling is at speed and under pressure with this great little word game, SpellChecker. We hope you enjoy it!

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High Score Table

Here are the ten highest scores on this game: can you make it into the high score table, and even take the number one spot?

Member Image Score Ranking Date of score
bagabones Profile Image 20 1 06 Oct 2016
bagabones Profile Image 19 2 26 Jul 2017
dannyboy Profile Image 18 3 29 Jul 2015
luciej Profile Image 18 4 30 Jul 2015
dannyboy Profile Image 18 5 25 Aug 2015
bagabones Profile Image 18 6 20 Jul 2017
bagabones Profile Image 18 7 20 Jul 2017
Dora1977 Profile Image 17 8 25 Jun 2016
bagabones Profile Image 17 9 25 Jul 2017
bagabones Profile Image 17 10 17 Aug 2017