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More Or Less

More Or Less is one of our favourite little maths games, and is the perfect way to get better at mental arithmetic in no time at all. More or Less

More Or Less is a truly superb test of your ability to perform mental arithmetic at speed, as well as your concentration.

In this game you are given two sums at a time, one at the top and one at the bottom of the screen. Your task is to work out whether they are equal in value, or instead the top or bottom sum is greater. You must then click 'Greater', 'Equal' or 'Less' accordingly. So, if the top sum is greater in value than the bottom sum, click 'Greater'. If they are equal, click 'Equal'. If however the top sum is less than the bottom sum, click 'Less'.

Can you concentrate under pressure to work out the answers correctly, then click the right button every time? Remember you can have as many goes as you like as you attempt to climb the high score table and improve your maths. It's the perfect fun way to improve your mental arithmetic in concentrated 60 second spells.

How high a score can you get? Target score: 8

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High Score Table

Here are the ten highest scores on this game: can you make it into the high score table, and even take the number one spot?

Member Image Score Ranking Date of score
jamesr Profile Image 12 1 14 May 2015
luciej Profile Image 12 2 20 May 2015
jamesr Profile Image 11 3 11 May 2015
luciej Profile Image 11 4 30 Sep 2015
jamesr Profile Image 11 5 11 May 2015
jamesr Profile Image 10 6 18 Jun 2015
dannyboy Profile Image 10 7 13 Jun 2015
kiwibrit Profile Image 9 8 06 Mar 2017
dannyboy Profile Image 8 9 27 May 2015
clueless Profile Image 6 10 19 Dec 2016