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Square Memory

Square Memory is our favourite memory puzzle here at Wordy Puzzle. Simple, but effective and fun to play. Memory Square

Square Memory is a wonderful game that will really challenge your observation, concentration and ability to recall what you have just seen: all useful skills in real life.

Here's how the game works: you are presented with a grid of grey squares. Initially, three squares will be highlighted, then fade out. You will then be told to click, and you must click on the squares that were highlighted. Get it right, and the square goes green. Get it wrong, and the game is over immediately, so it pays to be precise.

Each time you get the full sequence right, a new sequence appears, and they get progressively more difficult, with more and more squares to remember. You score a point for each square you click correctly. As well as testing your memory, this puzzle is also a great test of your focus and concentration. Can you put the previous sequence immediately out of your mind, concentrate on the new one, then reproduce it perfectly with your clicks? It's time to find out!

How high a score can you get? Target score: 30.

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High Score Table

Here are the ten highest scores on this game: can you make it into the high score table, and even take the number one spot?

Member Image Score Ranking Date of score
GRaphy Profile Image 100 1 23 May 2019
GRaphy Profile Image 87 2 20 May 2019
GRaphy Profile Image 82 3 22 May 2019
cardy1985 Profile Image 81 4 18 Apr 2016
dannyboy Profile Image 74 5 03 Jun 2015
GRaphy Profile Image 74 6 22 May 2019
GRaphy Profile Image 71 7 22 May 2019
GRaphy Profile Image 70 8 01 Dec 2018
GRaphy Profile Image 70 9 23 May 2019
GRaphy Profile Image 69 10 22 May 2019