How to solve a word wheel:

- We found a certain number of words in the puzzle. You must find all these words. Each word must use the central letter in the grid.

Player instructions:

- Enter your words in the box to the right of each wordwheel. If you find a correct answer, it will automatically be transferred to the appropriate spot in the list of word boxes that appear underneath the puzzle.

- If you enter a word that is not one of the words we found it will not be moved to the answer boxes, even if you have found a valid word. In this instance, simply delete your answer and try another.

- Once you have found all the words we did and have filled all the answer boxes, you will be told you have solved the puzzle correctly. At that point you can choose to mark the puzzle as completed, rate it and comment on it.

- If you get stuck and can't find all the words, simply click the 'save game' button. We'll store the words you've found. Then, when you come back to the puzzle later, you can continue from where you left off!