How to solve a word fit:

Place each of the words that appear to the right of the grid into the grid, in order to completely fill the grid and thus solve the puzzle. Each word appears exactly once in the grid.

Player instructions:

- When you have worked out where a word should be placed in the grid, click on the first answer square in the grid with the mouse and the squares in that answer will be highlighted. Start typing, and the solver will move automatically to the next answer square to easily enable you to write in the full answer.

- With a square selected, you can use the up, down, left, right arrows to move around the grid. If an answer square is shared between an across and down answer, click on the square to toggle between the down and across clue.

- Use tab to move to the next answer run in the grid; pressing tab cycles through each across answer run if you have an across run highlighted, or down run if you have a down run highlighted. Once all across runs have been highlighted, the down runs will be highlighted, and vice versa. Hold down shift + tab to go in the opposite direction.

- When you place a word in the grid, it will automatically be crossed off from the list at the right of the grid to help you keep track of which words you have used.

- Use 'show solution' if you give up to show the solution.

- Use 'check solution' to see if you are correct so far.

- Click 'reset' to reset to an empty grid, or to your most recent saved position if you have loaded a saved grid.

- Click 'turn ON show wrong moves' to show wrong answers as you make them.

- Click 'save position' to save your current position.

When you finish a puzzle you will be given the opportunity to mark it as completed, rate and comment on it.