How to solve a cryptogram puzzle:

A quote has been encoded and appears in pink squares. A row of empty green squares underneath must be filled with the plaintext letters.

Each letter in the plaintext (answer) has been swapped with another letter of the alphabet, and has been swapped with the same letter on each occasion. For instance, if the letter 'S' in the plaintext has been encoded to 'V' in the code, then every instance of 'S' will appear as 'V' in the code.

Solve the puzzle by working out which letter in the code represents each letter in the alphabet, and write it in underneath. So if you think 'K' in the code represents 'L' in the answer, then write 'L' in the green box underneath a 'K' in the grid. Every other instance of 'K' in the code will also then show an 'L' in the green box beneath it.

Player instructions:

When you think you have worked out the letter represented by each coded square, write the answer letter in the green box underneath it. All green boxes that are underneath that same code square will also update to your solution letter.

Keep going until you have solved the puzzle by cracking every code letter.

Click 'check solution' to see if you are correct or not.

On solving the puzzle correctly, you can mark it as completed and rate and comment on it.