How to solve a codeword puzzle:

Each letter of the alphabet from A - Z has been replaced with a number from 1 - 26 in the grid. For instance the letter 'E' might be represented by '10' in the grid. Every letter from A - Z appears at least once in the answer grid. Work out which number represents each letter to fill the grid.

Player instructions:

- Use the green 'code bar' at the bottom of the puzzle to solve the grid.

- When you think you know the letter represented by a number, enter it in the green box. For instance if you think '5' represents 'P' then enter a 'P' in the green box under the number '5'. The crossword grid will automatically update and put a 'P' in each square that contains the number '5'. The letter 'P' will also be crossed off in the A - Z bar beneath the grid that helps you keep track of which letters you have used so far.

- Use 'show solution' if you give up to show the solution.

- Use 'check solution' to see if you are correct so far.

- Click 'reset' to reset to an empty grid, or to your most recent saved position if you have loaded a saved grid.

- Click 'turn ON show wrong moves' to show wrong answers as you make them.

- Click 'save position' to save your current position.

When you finish a puzzle you will be given the opportunity to mark it as completed, rate and comment on it.