How to solve an A - Z puzzle:

There are 26 blank squares in the grid. Enter each letter from A - Z once into the blanks in order to complete a valid crossword grid.

Player instructions:

When you have worked out which letter should go in each blank square, select that square with the mouse and enter your answer letter. To help you keep track of the letters you have used, that letter will then be crossed off in the A - Z bar that appears underneath the grid.

- When you have clicked on a square in the grid, if you wish you can use up, down, left, right arrows to navigate around the grid.

- Use 'show solution' if you give up to show the solution.

- Use 'check solution' to see if you are correct so far.

- Click 'reset' to reset to an empty grid, or to your most recent saved position if you have loaded a saved grid.

- Click 'turn ON show wrong moves' to show wrong answers as you make them.

- Click 'save position' to save your current position.

When you finish a puzzle you will be given the opportunity to mark it as completed, rate and comment on it.